Registered Trademark 4848846

Honor, Integrity, & Respect All!

We are Brothers without Boarders. A International Brotherhood that enjoys the freedom of the road and share similar values of honor, integrity and respect.

New York Nonprofit

The Alliance: is a New York Based Nonprofit 501 c 4 that owners of the Registered Trademark 4848846 Winged Patch that we either issue or revoke usage. You must have written permission to use our Trademark or be prepared to face legal action. If you are a MRA which can stand for Motorcycle or Masonic Riding Association then there is two methods to obtain permission.

First, you can become a Grand Chapter within your jurisdiction of country, state, region or provinces. As a Grand Chapter you can charter other chapters within your jurisdiction only. You can grant charters within your locality only but not in other jurisdiction as it violates federal and state laws.

Second, if your are a corporation according to IRS and your jurisdiction laws we can issue you a license agreement within a jurisdiction to use our property. You can be a association, club, or vendor. Cost is $50 per chapter.


Our mission is to promote the Widows Sons in a positive light and to help those in need. We support many charitable causes like First Responders, Shriner’s Hospitals, Veterans, and our families. Each jurisdiction defines their own charities, missions and rallies as we are not a national governing body of any sort.