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The original copyright by Armando Nunez (Army) and Carl Davenport co-founders of the Widows Sons Masonic Motorcycle Riders. There are two different versions of the Widows Sons history which we do not concern ourselves with as it lead to division and disharmony among many Brothers.

You can go to their websites and read it for yourself.

We do believe that Carl’s vision of the Widows Sons came first (1998). Army then implemented it by making the patches and delivering them to him in Chicago, Illinois (1999 to 2000).

We thank both of them for the creation and contribution they made in those early years.

Army served as the President and Southern Jurisdiction Coordinator as Fred Broeker who came on later served as the Secretary and Northern Jurisdiction Coordinator based on the Scottish Rite map.

Then due to health reasons Carl had to drop out which really left Army and Fred to run the charting of new chapters.

Then the Illinois Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association closed their doors by the Illinois Secretary of State for none activity on .

The rest can be found in Army’s videoclick here

or on Carl Davenport’s websiteclick here

Alliance Widows Sons Creation

In collaboration with Armando Nunez and both Illinois and Florida Widows Sons we the Alliance membership supported Army and the Florida Widows Sons in securing their Trademark aka the Widow in support of sharing copyright.

The Kings Guard Inc was awarded the Trademark by the US Patient Office after opposition from Fred Broeker who lost the argument and failed to appeal, The Wing patch was therefore issued by US Patient Office to the Kings Guard Inc.

The US Patient Office required authorization from the Kings Guard Inc to allow Army and the Florida Widows Sons to Trademark the Widow in which they did based on an agreement. This action was supported by the Illinois Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association and 28 Widows Sons Chapters throughout the United States and Canada voted to support this joint venture as long as the Kings Guard would turn over the Trademark to a newly formed Nonprofit called the Alliance Widows Sons World Wide MRA Inc.

Widows Sons Chapters involved in the formation of the Alliance as the minutes show:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

Florida’s Widows Sons Trademarkclick here

Therefore on April 16, 2016 Brother Andy Reynolds President of the Kings Guard Inc signed over the rights to the Trademark to the newly formed Alliance Widows Sons World Wide MRA Inc as agreed in our discussion with the above mentioned United States chapters.

As you can see from the images the Alliances clearly owns the Trademark which was issues by the US Patient Office and now upheld in New York Federal Court.

In regards to Carl Davenport Widows Sons it was Involuntary Dissolution on Friday, 10 April 2015 by the Illinois State Secretary.

Alliance License Agreement